As a part of the work at Trewebs my main task was to design a semi-startupish lifestyle-nutritional application.

Logo standard

The project already had its own logo, but it required some fine-tuning of the mathematical details, some cleaning up of unnecessary and bad anchors, and improvement of the colour palette with an emphasis of the creation of missing RGB counterparts.

Old logo

Logos differences

Finally I created a small family of logotypes with tasty colors, adapting to the seasons. It’s a small move towards the natural, healthy food.

Family of logos

The entire application was consisting of main three pillars:

The main stem was supposed to be an intelligent AI system which generates the list of meals – under the control of the Dietitian Sandra and with the help of delicate personal information – that’s why its interface ended up in the header of each site (in desktop version).

Desktop website -- blog index with application

Desktop website -- plog post with day menu

Desktop website -- community waterfall

Desktop website -- new event form

Desktop website -- new event

In the mobile version, the whole thing was split to the standard screen-sections, with the majority of the secondary functionality hiddend in the mobile-menu.

Mobile website -- register form

Mobile website -- app

Mobile website -- blog index

Mobile website -- blog post

Mobile website -- community waterfall

As a part of the promotional campaign, the funds allowed for the creation of few gadgets: some stickers and a shopping bag. Additionaly to the identity I prepared a series of simple icons-illustrations, but unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to develop a complete and coherent design system.


Illustration for shopping bag

Shopping bag visualisation