Teatr Bez Vat

I cooperated with Teatr Bez Vat for several years as a graphic designer. I made numerous posters, leaflets, a website and virtually the entire visual identity – actually long enough to update the first myself-designed logo:

New logo

A more extreme proposition:

Proposition 2

This is the old logo:

Old logo

I designed the website in a rather simplistic form, to make it more informational and clean. Code is a simple, CMS-less PHP with one nice function for printing images from separate directories.


Poster and leaflet (both sides) for the last spectacle – “Servitium”.

Poster Servitium

Leaflet Servitium -- front

Leaflet Servitium -- back

Poster and leaflet for the spectacle “Od Nowa (II)”. The leaflet was designed in such way, to make it fold twice from the A4 size.

Poster Od Nowa (2)

Leaflet Od Nowa (2) -- front

Leaflet Od Nowa (2) -- back

One of the main activities of Teatr Bez Vat are the theater workshops led by Marta Świerkowska. This is one of the posters for such activities:

Poster for workshops