As a part of the work at Clos Brothers mockup-proposal for a new website for Granatowi agency. The idea is based on the similarity to the International Astrophysical Observatory “Granat” – made in USSR in cooperation with Denmark, France and Bulgaria.


The color palette is composed of three groups:

  1. transition between amaranth and sunset-blue
  2. dark greys scale
  3. accents of bright flames

Recommended for mini-identity are simple flat shapes and large areas of color. Additionaly I made a scientific background for the entire rocket to make an effect of scientific depth.



It is an astro-machine endlessly flowing through the vastness of cosomos (simple animation using CSS3 to overview the effect). The deliberate use of the infinite pattern and the full-width sections would help with introducing responsive version of the site.



In the sections inside the rocket, the menu and quasi-footer smoothly close the cross-section through the entire machine – an idea inspired by the transparent illustrations from the scientific books about cosmos for children.